The Idea

bill+jay is a project that has been in the making for a decade since Isabelle and Jea first met in college. Some people experience the infamous sophomore slump, but sophomore year was when we became best friends forever, or, as we like to tell people, it was the year we fell in love. That fall we became neighbors, and Isabelle joined Jea working at the college costume shop. We both had a distinctive style and hair that made us stand out in a crowd; it didn’t take long for us to recognize that we were kindred spirits.

This was when the idea of bill+jay was first developed - clothing designed and made by us, reflecting our unique sense of style. It's only taken us ten years of learning, wandering, and other pursuits to realize the idea that we've always talked about! Finally it feels both possible and necessary to make our dream into reality. Necessary because we need clothing we can feel good about. Out of a deep concern about climate change and waste caused by the fashion industry, our old shopping habits changed significantly over the past few years. We feel it is no longer possible to ignore the humanitarian and environmental impact fast fashion has on our world. 

So, in the summer of 2017, after listening to a lot of podcasts about starting a small business, Isabelle told Jea it was time to get serious about their old idea, but with a focus on using sustainable fabrics to make timeless clothing we want to wear everyday. And with that bill+jay clothing cooperative was born!

The Process

We have developed a line of elegant basics; a growing collection of items that can take you from work to a weekend away or a night on the town. We want the products you buy to be loved for many years, so we have designed them to transcend trends and seasonal changes. bill+jay is designed and produced by the two of us right here in the USA. We have tried to make everything as sustainably as possible, using natural fabrics like linen, silk and organic cotton. We make our products with minimal waste by cutting our fabric efficiently and repurposing or recycling scraps. This will continue to be a work in progress, and we would sincerely love your feedback as to how we can improve our product. Please take a look around. We hope you enjoy wearing bill+jay as much as we love making it!